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ERGON door

Installable anywhere

Thanks to its versatility, ERGON indoor door can be installed in any place: houses, schools, hospitals, hotels, old people’s residences, etc…. No special dimensional and/or constructive constrainsts prevent the installation of ERGON door: it is enough to arrange a normal secondary frame.

Innovative technology

The space occupied required by the simultaneous movement of rotation and translation made by the leaf during opening and/or closing phases is so reduced to make even very small rooms accessible. Its push system is as easy as the one of any leaf door.

No doubts on the opening direction

The double-swing ERGON door can solve safety problems related to exit routes.

Ideal for disabled people

The longitudinal arch movement of the leaf and the double-swing system allow disabled people to enter or exit the same room simply by pushing the leaf. The door is no longer an architectural barrier for handicapped people.

A special door at a normal price

From an aesthetical point of view ERGON door has a very attractive look and is provided with several finishes. The mechanism does not cause any inconvenience to the users, does not require special maintenance operations and produces no sliding noises. The cost of ERGON door is comparable with any normal door frame having the same finishes. But ERGON door turns out to be extremely useful, if you take into account the considerable recovery of “usable room” allowed by its installation.

Quality components

ERGON door consists of the following:

  • Mechanism for the “rototranslating” movement of the leaf, equipped with a special rabbet that fastens the leaf in the middle when it is closed.
  • Leaf with a thickness of 50 mm, made of honey-comb double panel, whose surface is covered with a plastic layer.
  • Leaf protected laterally by an aluminium section equipped with a double brush seal.
  • Metal sight frame made of anodized or lacquered 12/10 aluminium sheet (or of 10/10 stainless steel sheet).
  • Vertical jambs made of anodized or sprayed aluminium section.
  • User’s accessories such as: heavy handle made of aluminium (or nylon), key lock or lock with “free/engaged” device, and anything else you may need to have a complete and working door.


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