for double doors

Celegon presentsPush& Go EVO, the new magnetic system for unblocking the semi-fixedleaf of double doors. Push& Go EVO unlocks the semi-fixed part by simply pressing a button. Door closureisguaranteed by an invisiblemagnetic system, simply by pushing the door into position.

The operation and ease of use are especially useful in places where the double door is opened frequently and where emergency situations require the door to be opened quickly, such as hospital wards, resthomes, schools and apartment buildings. Compared to traditional bolt, Push& Go EVO improves the look of the door and makes it much easier for anyone who is less physically strong to unblock the door, such as children, the elderly or the disabled. Push& Go EVO can be installed at a height that is just above the normal lock.

Push& Go EVO, in chrome-plated metal, is supplied in a practical, universal installation kit for application to double doors of any height or thickness with circular, flush-wall, sliding, Ergon or Compackfolding opening systems.