Metal casing doors in the COMMUNITY LINE

Doors in the community line have been designed for a community setting. Particular attention has been paid to the strength of the fixture.  Community doors are available with doorways from 80 cm to 120 cm with single leaf, double-leaf and in the versions with circular, swing-and-slide movement.
The components in detail:
- the metal trim we manufacture comes in: anodized aluminium or painted aluminium or painted steel sheet or stainless steel sheet. The trim’s metal structure is double-wrapped to guarantee easy maintenance and resistance against impact.
- the panel surfaces are always smooth and coplanar between the various components. The connection of the leaf to the jamb is done using concealed hinges. The hollow-core panel is available in 50 mm thickness as follows: frame with horizontal crosspieces in marine-grade plywood and stabilised fir strips for vertical crosspieces, everything is clad with 5 mm thick MDF, the surface coating is completed with HPL plastic laminate with a choice of thickness but never less than 0.9 mm. The leaf, on the vertical sides, is clad in thick, “C” aluminium profiles, whose edges are coplanar to the laminate.

The result is a line of doors with an excellent balance between lightness in manoeuvrability and robustness to impact, the attention to detail makes the community doors a unique product.

ERGON® COMMUNITY is the ideal solution for designing environments in compliance with hygienic-sanitary regulations.
NORMAL® COMMUNITY is a versatile, stylish door and can be installed in any setting.
The series of sliding doors traces the aesthetic lines of the ERGON® and NORMAL® COMMUNITY doors.
Hospitals, nursing homes, sports centres, offices, lively, busy places where access to different rooms needs to be simple whilst respecting current regulations on safety. For these active places, doors must be designed in terms of maximum ergonomics, resistance, quality.

The technical staff at CELEGON has designed and conceived highly technological solutions to meet the particular needs of these environments.

Versatile, without sharp edges and composed of all coplanar elements, ERGON® COMMUNITY is the ideal solution for environments where Italian Law 81/08 regulations and hygiene and sanitary requirements require frequent and rapid antiseptic washing.
Hospitals, assisted living environments, schools, kindergartens, offices: ERGON® COMMUNITY opens the doors to simplicity, making cleaning operations easier and the use of environments better for those people who live there or work there.

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