Compack Living® 180

Allows the leaf to be positioned parallel to the wall, like a sliding door

The COMPACK LIVING® 180° system with a new hinge for folding doors has an ergonomic, stable and silent movement. An innovative 180° opening or the traditional 90° opening are the two options.

The patented hinge, fixed to the top of the door, allows the leaf, equipped with a handle, to move parallel to the wall.

By opening the door with the handle you will be amazed at the stability of the movement, similar to that of a full-leaf swing door with traditional hinges. The door closes with jambs on three sides, guaranteeing excellent soundproofing.

The COMPACK LIVING® 180° system allows you to design new furnishing solutions, freeing up space next to the door opening, thanks to the reduced clearance needs both during the opening phase and when the leaf is completely open against the wall.

Installing the door does not require any masonry works and is a valid alternative to traditional swing doors and sliding doors, inside or outside the wall.

In addition, thanks to its reduced clearance needs and its silent, fluid movement, COMPACK LIVING® 180° can be used, not only on brick walls, but also on walk-in wardrobes and storage rooms.