ERGON® LIVING changes the concept of a door, by reducing the swing-space requirements of the leaf by 50%. Thanks to the innovative movement, the door can be opened from either side, or on just one side with a stop.

It has no special design requirements and can be installed on any subframe as a wooden, glass, metal or plastic door.

No masonry work is needed and there is no additional cost compared to more traditional opening systems. The floor is never affected by the system.

ERGON® LIVING comes in more than fifty standard versions including different versions of hardware, sizes and finishes.

The ERGON® LIVING system only requires a very small clearance, given the leaf’s simultaneous rotation and translation.
S/40 TECHNOLOGY: with rotation rod inside the panel and particularly suitable for hollow-core doors.
T.E. TECHNOLOGY: with internal rotation rod on the jamb and usable with any type of leaf.
TE SLIM TECHNOLOGY: with internal rod on the jamb up to 30mm thick.

No more conflicts between leaves and accessibility. The two-way opening
solves problems related to escape routes and is functional for disabled users too.
This advantage implies a direct passage of movement in both directions.

and reliability

made in Italy

and easy to install

Ergon® Living

Thanks to the swing and slide system, doors fitted with ERGON® LIVING occupy 50% less space when opened and closed, for a significant space gain.

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Ergon® Living double leaf

With ERGON® LIVING, you can also create double facing swing and slide doors opening in opposite directions or bi-fold doors opening in the same direction, taking advantage of the swing and slide opening system on very wide clearances.

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Ergon® living folding

With ERGON® LIVING DOUBLE-LEAF you can also create bi-fold doors opening opening in the same direction.

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Soft Opening

Soft Opening, a handy damper that slows down the end of the stroke of the leaf when opening. The damper can be applied to the entire range of ERGON® LIVING hardware.

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