Soft opening

Movement limit with dampened opening

With ERGON® LIVING, we have reduced the clearance needs of the leaves in opening and closing by 50%.

The ERGON® LIVING swing-and-slide doors (swing opening with door translation) are also available with Soft Opening, a practical damper, which slows the movement of the leaf as it reaches the maximum extent of its opening. The practical damper is available across the entire range of ERGON® LIVING hardware.

At the design level, therefore, new possibilities open up, eliminating the conflict between leaves and resizing access areas to increase the size of rooms.

Celegon has already managed to halve the clearance needs of leaves and, today, thanks to the Soft Opening system available with the ERGON® LIVING kit, opening and closing leaves is now simpler and safer.

The innovative Soft Opening system makes opening and closing the doors of the house easier and more practical. In fact, with a light push to move the leaf, it opens gently without having to accompany it.

In addition, the Soft Opening damper is easily accessible and inspectable and can also be ordered separately and installed later, without having to disassemble the door.