Ergon® Living

The swing-and-slide system that halves the door’s clearance needs

Reduces clearance needs by 50%
Thanks to the innovative movement, the door can be opened from both sides and its push operation is as easy as that of any swing door. ERGON® LIVING technology reduces a door’s clearance needs by 50%. A new technology that solves the issues of managing space and transit between various internal environments.

Keeps costs down
ERGON® LIVING, is a valid alternative to any opening system. It does not require any masonry works or building work and there is no additional cost compared to more traditional opening systems. It has no special design requirements as the system can be installed on any subframe as a wooden, glass, metal or plastic door.

Larger useful space with reduced clearance needs
The system, beginning with the design phase, offers interesting solutions to the problems of rationalising interior spaces, promising new furnishing options even in small environments. The kit allows you to produce, both at the artisanal level and the industrial one, any type of door, from hollow-core to solid, with swing-and-slide opening. A door mounted on the ERGON® LIVING system avoids clashing leaves and can be used in narrow floor plans. A convenient access room can be created with only 4 square metres.


ERGON® LIVING hardware is designed to meet every manufacturing need while fully respecting product quality:

The ERGON® LIVING S40 system: the vertical rotation rod is inserted in the leaf, which must be hollow-core with a minimum thickness of 40 mm. Two technical manuals are available for this system to build the jamb next to the upright or to use a flat jamb.

The ERGON® LIVING T.E. system: the vertical rotation rod is inserted in the jamb and the leaf can be hollow-core, solid or glazed, with a minimum thickness of 35 mm. This system is available in the following versions:
- ERGON® LIVING T.E. for jamb with upright
- ERGON® LIVING T.E. Slim for flat jamb

Every version of ERGON® LIVING hardware can accept the Soft Opening inspectable damper and each version is available with base, small and large arms in anodised black and silver finish. The weight of the leaf must not exceed 70 kg. The maximum dimensions in are: width 150 cm, height 300 cm.