The COMPACK® LIVING 180° system, long-lasting reliability

Ever more international architecture and design firms are choosing the COMPACK® LIVING 180° folding door hardware system. Its innovative approach and extreme versatility provide guarantees in terms of quality, silent action and space-saving in doorways. Indeed, a reduction of 50% in clearances when opening/closing is achieved compared to traditional swinging systems.

COMPACK® LIVING 180° does not require any masonry work, it can be used on interior doors of any style, and is designed to optimise clearance, ergonomics and ease of use. It is the ideal solution for private interior environments and for the contract and hospitality sectors, as it allows each environment to be freed from the constraints that are imposed by traditional doors and makes the most of even the smallest spaces, or where the creation of an interior or exterior sliding door is physically impossible.

The technology, design and manufacture are 100% Italian with the patent resulting from a partnership between Celegon and Massimo Bonetti Design, one of the most successful Italian designers. The distinctive hinge mechanism is guaranteed and has been subject to testing using over 100,000 open-close cycles. These features enhance the Made in Italy quality of Celegon and ensures that COMPACK® LIVING systems are available at the most renowned hardware distributors in the main global markets.

The leading door manufacturers have augmented their portfolio to provide a range that makes use of this system, which has also been adopted by professionals and architects in their design project specifications.