From Italy to Korea via Brazil

The ERGON® LIVING and COMPACK LIVING® opening systems are revolutionising the door sector: two pieces of undeniably innovative hardware which are touring the world via specialist trade shows and projects run by major architecture and design firms.

From 10-13 May 2018, the “47th MBC Construction Expo 2018” was held at the KINTEX Exhibition Center in Seoul (South Korea) and Celegon presented its two most important door opening systems: the ERGON® LIVING swing-and-slide hardware system and the COMPACK LIVING® system for folding doors in two versions: 90 degree and 180 degree opening.

COMPACK LIVING® is the hardware system for folding doors which, thanks to its special hinge, allows the leaf to fold laterally against the wall in a perpendicular position (in the COMPACK LIVING® 90° version) or to open completely in a parallel position (in the COMPACK LIVING® 180° version), thereby reducing the overall clearance requirements by 50% compared to traditional opening systems.

By halving the overall clearance needs, COMPACK LIVING® is ideal for both private settings as well as contract sector ones, where it best displays its ability to provide for a large number of nearby doorways in very little space and to create new openings in rooms already furnished or already in use.

Designed in collaboration with Massimo Bonetti Design, one of the most successful Italian designers, it can be applied to any type of standard leaf or frame, as well as partition walls, walk-in wardrobes and store cupboards. The movement is fluid and quiet, just like a traditional swing door system and is patented and guaranteed by tests of over 100,00 cycles. COMPACK LIVING® is simple to install and needs no masonry work and no sliding tracks or external rollers.

But the COMPACK LIVING® system is not the only star of the Korean trade show. At its side, Celegon presented ERGON® LIVING, the swing-and-slide hardware that has revolutionised the sector, introducing a unique, completely new system compared to traditional systems of swing door, folding door and sliding door.

ERGON® LIVING was also on show last April at the CASACOR 2018 event for architecture and design, in San Paolo in Brazil, one of the capital’s most important design events. The double-leaf door was on show in the space assigned to the firm led by João Armentano, a renowned architect who has worked on innovative architecture and design projects around the world, in collaboration with Eclisse Brasil, for over 30 years.

With the simultaneous rotation and translation movement of the door leaf, ERGON® LIVING is the swing-and-slide hardware that reduces clearance needs by 50% without the need for any building work: problems of obstruction between nearby doorways are eliminated whilst the potential for the usable living space is increased.

Because the door can be opened from both sides and works with a simple push, the ERGON® LIVING system is particularly suited to public spaces, areas tied to the issue of emergency exits and use by people in wheelchairs.

The hardware kit can be used on a wide range of doors with various characteristics, with large or small dimensions, in hollow-core wood or solid wood, or plastic, or even with glass. Suited to the most varied manufacturing requirements, ERGON® LIVING comes in a hollow-core, 40 mm thick leaf version (ERGON® LIVING S40) and 35 mm leaf with vertical leaf rotation in the jamb with post (ERGON® LIVING T.E) or in the floor jamb (ERGON® LIVING T.E. Slim). Finally, the hardware is available already mounted on the doors in the ERGON® COMMUNITY line.