Push&Go EVO: the magnetic release system for double-leaf doors

With the Push&Go EVO system, releasing the secondary leaf is simple and fast, thanks to the practical button positioned flush with the door edge.

Celegon presents Push&Go EVO, the new magnetic system that improves the release of the semi-fixed leaf in double-leaf doors. Push&Go EVO allows you to release the semi-fixed leaf by simply pressing a button. The door’s closure is guaranteed by the concealed magnetic system, simply by accompanying the leaf into position.

Functionality and ease of use are particularly evident in environments where the double-leaf door is frequently used and where possible emergency situations require quick operations such as: hospital rooms, nursing homes, schools and residential environments.

Compared to traditional lever fasteners, Push&Go EVO improves the design of the door and, in particular, allows the semi-fixed leaf to be released by children, the elderly or people with impaired mobility. Push&Go EVO is employed at a height just above the normal lock.

Push&Go EVO, in chrome-plated metal, comes in a practical universal mounting kit, thanks to which it can be applied on double-leaf doors of any height and thickness with circular opening, flush-wall, sliding, ERGON® LIVING or folding doors with COMPACK LIVING® system.

Celegon operates in international markets and specialises in the development, industrialisation and manufacture of innovative systems for doors and furniture.

Push&Go EVO finishes:

  • 4100CS Push&Go EVO Satin Chrome Kit
  • 4100OL Push&Go EVO Polished Brass Kit
  • 4100NL Push&Go EVO Polished Nickel Plated Kit
  • 4100NN Push&Go EVO Black Nickel Plated Kit
  • 4100BR Push&Go EVO Bronzed Kit