Celegon presents ERGON® COMMUNITY

ERGON® COMMUNITY is the swing-and-slide door which is particularly suitable for designing hygienic-sanitary environments or environments used to accommodate people with impaired mobility.

The door, using an ERGON® opening system, which allows it to be opened from both sides, provides access thanks to a light push and allows greater space to manoeuvre trolleys or wheelchairs.

The simultaneous rotation and translation of the leaf when opening and/or closing reduces clearance needs by 50%, making even small rooms accessible. The movement of the leaf is simple, easy and much more fluid than a traditional swing door.

ERGON® COMMUNITY was recently used in the “Trifoglio” II residential nursing home in Turin, the most modern Healthcare Residence in Italy.

The architectural choices of the structure are described in the interesting report by the architect, Enzo Angiolini, the contact person for the Ottima Senior Group (our partner in the project) for the Design of the Health and Welfare Environment, Architect and Trainer.

“We design and build homes for the elderly throughout Italy. Constant research is focused on improving facilities to facilitate their management and to ensure the quality of life for the people living there.

To achieve these goals we need to create structures that are easy to move around in independently, colourful and pleasant, without excessive noise, with ergonomic and varied furnishings. We pay great attention to the organisation of routes and rooms, natural lighting without glare, the creation of environments attributable to daily life, the choice of finishes: floors, coatings, paintings, false ceilings...

This is why we prefer swing-and-slide doors for door frames. Elderly people are familiar with them: they can open them easily because they do not have to remember which way the leaf opens and, to open and close them, they do not have to move, even if they are in a wheelchair. In this way we manage to use doors with a significant width, facilitating the passage of trolleys but without creating difficulties for guests. We also customise leaves to “show” some destinations and make a room recognisable.

The photographs in this article all refer to the most modern residential nursing home in Italy that we have helped to create in Turin. They are photographs that show the importance of the aesthetics and the orientation of the fitting and guarantee, by enriching the quality of the environment, an improvement in the quality of life of guests and operators.

Beautiful doors that decorate the walls themselves, easy to manoeuvre without issue, robust and wide to facilitate every need. We prefer them when designing homes for the elderly and for hospitals but we also continue to propose them in the residential field because they are easy to open, even with full hands, and the reduced clearance of the leaf means they can be used even in small spaces.”