Celegon’s COMPACK LIVING® 180°: the contract sector needs new spaces

Celegon has always been committed to innovation, looking for simple yet effective solutions to make interior spaces easier and more comfortable.

Technical staff study the most suitable solutions for every need and the needs of the contract sector require the maximum optimisation of spaces, ergonomics and simplicity of use.

The COMPACK LIVING® 180° system is the right answer for the contract and hospitality sectors, folding the leaf until it is “eliminated” along the wall, reducing its clearance by half during opening and closing, making the movement fluid and silent.

The right answer for hotels, Spas, fitness centres: wherever silence and the experience of well-being are the very definition of that place.

COMPACK LIVING® 180° is the innovative door opening system, which reduces the clearance needs of a leaf by 50% in opening/closing and which eliminates the presence of the leaf once the door is left open.

How? Very simple. Through the unique mechanism, without sliding tracks and patented by Celegon, the opening happens with a fluid, silent movement and with the minimum expenditure of energy. The leaf folds without sliding on tracks, thus standing out from all the other “folding” opening systems, positioning itself flush against the wall and thus effectively eliminating its clearance needs.

  • Genius ideas are sometimes characterised by their simplicity. COMPACK LIVING® 180° is revolutionary because it eliminates traditional sliding tracks.
  • It reproduces the fluidity and pleasure of the movement of modern sliding drawers, bringing them to the door system.
  • It increases the usable surface area

That is why COMPACK LIVING® is widely used not only in private homes, but also in hotels, sports facilities, museums, offices, congress centres, etc…

COMPACK LIVING® 180° opens the doors to new spaces and new furnishing opportunities. Even for the contract sector.