ERGON® LIVING Shock Absorber, the silent revolution

Celegon, a leading company in the manufacture of hardware for innovative opening systems, will, at the next MADE EXPO in Milan, introduce its latest innovation: the Shock Absorber swing-and-slide technology for slowing down the opening of a leaf.

Already successfully used in the cupboards presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the ERGON® LIVING Shock Absorber will soon be made standard and available to be mounted on any type of door.

Celegon has always combined the simplicity of installation and inspection of any opening system with the most advanced research.

ERGON® LIVING Shock Absorber is no exception: the same ease of installation, simple and fast implementation, accessible, easily inspectable damper with door mounted for any maintenance needs.

Silent, soft and sliding door movement, less than 50% of the clearance needs to open the leaf thanks to the swing-and-slide technology, CATAS Class 5: certified durability guarantee: there are many reasons to choose ERGON® LIVING Shock Absorber, all are capable of revolutionising your home and your life.