COMPACK LIVING® in the new black finish

COMPACK LIVING®, with its special, patented hinge, is the hardware system for folding doors that halves the clearance needs of the doorway. The COMPACK LIVING® 90° version allows the leaf to fold laterally against the wall in a perpendicular position, whilst the COMPACK LIVING® 180° version allows it to open completely in a position parallel to the wall.

On the back of the great success of the COMPACK LIVING® systems, the black finish is now also available, in addition to the stainless steel one.

COMPACK LIVING® systems can be used on standard leaves and frames with any finish, thanks to the wide range of sizes available. In addition, you can also install them on partition walls, storage rooms and walk-in wardrobes, because they do not need a sliding track or external rollers. COMPACK LIVING® is simple to install and requires no special architectural works.

COMPACK LIVING® hardware is characterised by the absolute quality of the systems. The movement of the leaf is fluid and silent, as with traditional opening systems, but occupies half the space of a swing door. Every Celegon system must pass the tests imposed by the European standard, with more than 100,000 cycles performed, without the need for adjustments or maintenance.