ERGON® LIVING T.E. and T.E. Slim, slimline leaves, endless possibilities

Celegon has always designed highly efficient and innovative solutions to meet every design requirement and space issue. ERGON® LIVING’s swing-and-slide technology has established itself worldwide for its ability to reduce leaf clearance needs by 50% during opening and closing.

The introduction of ERGON® LIVING T.E. and ERGON® LIVING T.E. Slim has extended the possibility of using ERGON® LIVING technology to doors with leaves that cannot house the connecting rod between the two arms, such as glass, mirror-glass or solid wood doors. The evolution of the upper plate and lower arm now means the hardware kit can be assembled on leaves with a minimum thickness of 30 mm as well, thus expanding the design solutions available.

ERGON® LIVING T.E. and ERGON® LIVING T.E. Slim systems can support leaves up to 70 kg and are available in silver and black finishes. The Soft Opening damper can be applied to both systems allowing the leaf to be smoothly opened or closed with just a light push and without having to hold it. ERGON® LIVING T.E. is available with three types of arms: “Small” LFM from 610 to 800 mm, “Base” LFM from 800 to 1100 mm and “Large” LFM from 1100 to 1450 mm; while ERGON® LIVING T.E. Slim is available in two different sizes: “Small” LFM from 610 to 800 mm and “Base” LFM from 800 to 1100 mm.