COMPACK LIVING® and ERGON® LIVING, a revolution from interiors to furnishings

Gruppo Molteni S.p.a. and Gruppo B&B Italia S.p.a. have chosen the COMPACK LIVING® 90° and 180° folding hardware system and the ERGON® LIVING swing-and-slide hardware system for their new collections of cupboards and walk-in wardrobes. Thanks to the collaboration with these prestigious companies, the innovation of Celegon systems will be appreciated across the world, including in the furniture sector.

Molteni offers the Gliss Master – System 7 wardrobe system thanks to the patented COMPACK LIVING® opening mechanism, the cabinet leaves move to the side of the opening, making it completely accessible. The system is particularly appreciated for its versatility and ease of use.

Backstage by B&B Italia is a project designed by Antonio Citterio. Its elegant, sophisticated design uses the ERGON® LIVING system to reduce the clearance needs of the leaves and increase access to the internal openings. The project is inspired by contemporary design and innovates the storage system of traditional wardrobes not only in the sleeping area.

Even the furnishing world benefits from the extreme flexibility of Celegon opening systems, with which you can create an almost infinite range of finishes and, therefore, adapt to any type of design.