COMPACK LIVING® 180° reduces the clearance needs of doors without needing any masonry work

The COMPACK LIVING® system is the hardware system for folding doors which allows the leaf to fold laterally at 180 degrees. Applied on triple-leaf doors, the space occupied by the open door, resting against the wall, is reduced to a third of the doorway.

COMPACK LIVING® is the hardware system for folding doors that reduces the clearance needs from the doorway, increasing the usable living space. Using a special patented hinge applied to the top of the door, COMPACK LIVING® 180° allows the leaf to fold laterally against the wall, opening to 180 degrees.

The system is available with 180 and 90 degree opening, applicable without the need for any particular masonry works, to standard leaves and frames of any finish. It is suitable for both private home and contract installations, especially where ample doorway space is required.

COMPACK LIVING® uses a traditional handle and the folding of the leaf allows a stability of movement comparable to that of traditional swing doors, silent and ergonomic. The jamb on the three sides of the door also guarantees excellent soundproofing.

COMPACK LIVING® 180° can easily be applied on a triple-leaf door system by installing an additional leaf with shared, concealed hinges on the external half-leaf. With COMPACK LIVING® 180°, with triple leaf, the clearance needs of the open leaf, leaning against the wall, are reduced to one third of the doorway.

The patented COMPACK LIVING® system arose from the collaboration between Celegon and Massimo Bonetti Design and combines completely Italian technology, design and manufacture, designed to optimise usable living spaces.

Other Celegon systems

ERGON® LIVING: the hardware system for swing-and-slide leaves that, thanks to the simultaneous rotation and translation of the leaf, halves the clearance needs and allows two-way opening with a push. Applicable without building work, it expands the furnishing potential in private rooms, it solves problems related to escape routes and is useful for people with walking difficulties.

Push&Go EVO: magnetic system for quickly releasing the semi-fixed leaf in double-leaf doors: thanks to the practical button positioned flush with the door edge, the door releases quickly and the door closure is guaranteed by the concealed magnetic system, simply by accompanying the door to the closed position.

Straightening: concealed steel plate tie rod with double adjustment from top or bottom to straighten deformed leaves and cabinets.

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