COMPACK LIVING® 180°, the track-free system that halves clearance needs

COMPACK LIVING® 180° is the track-free opening system that, thanks to its special hinge, allows the leaf to be folded by 180 degrees.

Designed to be used on any style of interior door, the COMPACK LIVING® system completely updates the way the usable living space is designed, freeing environments from the constraints imposed by traditional swing-leaf doors.

The reduced clearance needs of leaves with the COMPACK LIVING® system eliminates the problem of conflicts with swing doors in small spaces, allowing greater freedom for passage and furniture.

The absence of a sliding track, the use of a traditional handle and the rotation mechanism, revolutionise systems for folding doors. Finally, COMPACK LIVING® is the ideal system for design situations in which an internal or external sliding door cannot be created.

The movement of COMPACK LIVING® 180° is fluid, stable and guaranteed over time, the result of a completely Made in Italy patent by Celegon in collaboration with Massimo Bonetti, one of the most brilliant and established Italian designers.

The COMPACK LIVING® hardware line is available in two variations: COMPACK LIVING® 90° and COMPACK LIVING® 180°. Both systems use identical leaves and frames, are simple to install and can always be inspected. Furthermore, installation does not require any masonry works and there is no additional cost compared to more traditional opening systems.

In this implementation, we present a glass door with white lacquered wood frame.

The doorway, between two rooms in a house with common dimensions, shows how the normal problems of traditional doors have been solved by the use of COMPACK LIVING® 180°: a swing door would have entailed a significant clearance area, whilst a sliding door would have had a less pleasing aesthetic impact.

With the COMPACK LIVING® opening system, the leaf door closes to 180° with a unique stability of movement, in an absolutely silent way, freeing the space from a bulky clearance area.