ERGON® LIVING T.E. Slim, the swing-and-slide system is even more versatile

Last of the large family of door hardware options with swing-and-slide opening, ERGON® LIVING T.E. Slim expands the possibilities of doors with the special ergonomic and space-saving opening. The ERGON® LIVING T.E. Slim system maintains the qualities with which ERGON® LIVING established itself as a technological innovation in the field of internal openings.

But the true innovation of ERGON® LIVING T.E. Slim is the frame thickness. Whilst the other ERGON® LIVING T.E. systems require the frame to have an upright to cover the rotating rod, the ERGON® LIVING T.E. Slim allows the use of a flat frame of thickness between 30 mm and 40 mm. In addition, the rotation rod does not require an aluminium upright and is applied to the rear of the flat frame. Standard sized leaves can be used.

Like the ERGON® LIVING T.E. hardware, the ERGON® LIVING T.E. Slim system already has much-appreciated features such as: the rotation rod in the frame, the ability to support leaves with a width up to 150 cm, height of 300 cm and weight up to 70 Kg, the ability to mount the Soft Opening damper system and to use magnetic locks. The hardware finish is available in silver or black and, in addition, there are three different sizes of arms.

The ERGON® LIVING opening technology is constantly evolving to optimise usable living spaces.