ERGON® LIVING: the swing-and-slide system that halves the clearance needs

Celegon has revolutionised and changed the concept of a door. ERGON® LIVING, the swing-and-slide system that halves the clearance needs and increases usable living space, has been a well-known brand in the worldwide market of door manufacturers for years.

Guaranteed operation, reliability, simplicity of industrial application, ease of installation of the finished product: these are the strengths that make ERGON® LIVING hardware a winning choice.


The ERGON® LIVING swing-and-slide system does more than increase the usable surface area of the interior. In fact, thanks to the convenient packaging and the division into two handy kits (with track, with vertical rod), storage in the warehouse is simpler and easier for both the retailer and the door manufacturer.

At Celegon, we just need to know the measurements of the opening or the door’s leaf to find the correct article.


We have developed an innovative system, capable of simultaneously managing horizontal sliding and transversal thrust. ERGON® LIVING in a single roller/track system. In the swing-and-slide movement, horizontal sliding and transversal thrust must coexist, guaranteeing fluidity and precision over time.