ERGON® LIVING, the simple and precise swing-and-slide system for doors

Celegon has long been synonymous with peace of mind and reliability, with products of the highest quality and technology, as well as being extremely functional thanks to the simplicity of installation and management of the finished product.

The ERGON® LIVING swing-and-slide system is Celegon’s flagship product, chosen by many door manufacturers around the world for its reliability and long life.


The ERGON® LIVING hardware allows you to divide the joints between the door and the jamb with the leaf closed.

The adjustment is convenient, precise and quick, checking and calibrating at all times the differences between the two jamb/leaf elements.

The horizontal position of the leaf is adjustable both in the upper area, by moving the arm along the track, and on the lower plate. It is also possible to compensate for any small differences in the internal width of the frame.

Outstanding performance, the ERGON® LIVING system adapts to any situation and its implementation is so simple as to eliminate any possibility of error.