New opening technologies to streamline indoor environments

The ERGON® LIVING opening systems are driving innovation in the interior doors sector and in furniture: two absolutely innovative technologies and the result of an Italian design that is going around the world.

COMPACK LIVING® is the hardware system for folding doors that, thanks to its special hinge, allows the leaf either to fold laterally against the wall, in a perpendicular position (COMPACK LIVING® 90°) or to open completely in a position parallel to the wall (COMPACK LIVING® 180°).

Halving the clearance space, COMPACK LIVING® is suitable for both private and contract environments, where it best expresses its ability to reconcile a large number of openings very close to each other in small spaces or to create new furnishing solutions.

Thanks to the absence of a track, COMPACK LIVING® can be used on standard leaves and frames of any type, even on partition walls, storage rooms and walk-in wardrobes. The movement of the leaf is as fluid and silent as that of traditional swing systems and is patented and guaranteed by tests with more than 100,000 cycles. COMPACK LIVING®, designed by Celegon together with Massimo Bonetti Design, is simple to install and does not require any special architectural works or sliding tracks or external rollers.

COMPACK LIVING® is also available in the three-leaf version, for very wide openings, with a clearance-free doorway and use of a lateral surface, with an open door, of about one third with respect to the doorway.

ERGON® LIVING is the swing-and-slide system that allows leaves to slide and move, halving the clearance needs when opening and closing. ERGON® LIVING technology, completely Italian, has now established itself across the world for its innovative responses to space and interior design issues.

With the leaf’s simultaneous rotation and translation, ERGON® LIVING is the solution that reduces the threshold’s clearance needs by 50% without the need for any special architectural work: the problems of conflict between nearby doorways are eliminated, while the possibilities involving the organisation of the interior furniture increase.

The hardware kit can be used on a wide range of doors with various characteristics, with large or small dimensions, in hollow-core wood or solid wood, or plastic, or even with glass.

ERGON® LIVING is also available in the counterposed double-leaf version, or coupled, for very large openings.

Push&Go EVO is the magnetic release system for double-leaf doors, thanks to which the secondary leaf opens by pressing a button on the door edge and the door is closed simply by bringing it back into this position.

The traditional bolts in double-leaf doors have always been placed at the top, so they are difficult to reach and impractical to operate. A system that becomes extremely problematic and unsightly when used with particularly high doors.

Push&Go EVO is the innovation that meets the need to improve the comfort and safety of indoor environments. The low position of the release button (about one metre from the ground) allows the second leaf to be opened by children or people with impaired mobility, a very special and extremely important function in emergency situations. The operation takes just a few seconds and, thanks to its convenient functionality, is very suitable in the case of frequent openings and closures.

The Push&Go EVO hardware kit can be used on doors with the most varied construction characteristics, large or small, in solid wood, metal, etc.